August 6, 2022

Yft, Bigeye and Wahoo bites. Sharks in the canyons eating them as fast as we get them on. Have to get ‘em in quick.

Exciting week in OC. WMO starts Monday.

RESTLESS LADY 1 —NEW OPEN BOAT TRIPS-/ Call ASAP to reserve your spots

 August 28/ Need 6/ 12 hour tuna trip/ $450pp(includes fuel surcharge)

Sept 8-9/ Need 6/ Overnight/ $650pp(includes FS)

Fuel Surcharge– Unfortunately with the increasing cost for fuel we will be implementing a fuel surcharge  this season until prices come down. Please call us with any questions.

Tournament fishing——

RL1 NEED 3 for MA500/ Restless Lady 1- Sean 443 373-3413/ Jim 443 995-1249


Restless Lady II is an inspected USCG vessel capable of large groups over 6 anglers.

RL II Capt Joe 302 382-0422/ Capt Chris 302 382-5325

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