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The Atlantic Ocean provides the best fishing in the world, with a large concentration of prize fishing just off the shore of Ocean City, MD.

Restless Lady has the knowledge, experience, and skills to position you in the ideal spots for catching everything from Tuna to Shark to Marlin. Between the vibrant fishing season and the Marlin, Tuna and Shark Tournaments held throughout the year. The Restless Lady fish everyday from mid May to October. The Restless Lady has Got ‘Em On!

The fishing season begins in early May, with inshore bottom fishing and wreck fishing. Just a short ride on the Restless Lady, the wrecks and bottom structures that we fish are just 8 to 10 miles off of the Ocean City shoreline, just a 30 m inute ride to the fishing grounds. Black Sea Bass, Tautog and flounder are the catches you can expect during the spring fishing months here in Ocean City. As May winds up, we start inshore shark fishing , which typically yields Mako Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Dusky’s, Hammerheads and Blue sharks. As the water warms up to the high 50s, we also start to see more sharks as a result of an increase in bluefish and mackerel activity (the preferred Mako diet). This is when the fun really begins!

The offshore waters also becomes alive in late spring, as eddies of warm water from the Gulf Stream make their way inshore near the canyons. The canyons are 60miles from the Ocean City Inlet and mark the area of the ocean floor where the ocean drops off very quickly, from 600 feet to 5000 feet. The Restless Lady crew of Captain Todd and first mate Will fish in the canyons everyday and are overly familiar with the canyons off our coastline, having spent countless hours fishing the canyons. We encourage our patrons to capitalize on this time, as the fishing starts to get into full swing! May and June are ideal fishing times due to the warm water eddies circulating through the canyons. The temperature changes and bottom surface structure elevation changes cause bait to congregate, attracting large numbers of Mako Shark, Big Eye Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi Mahi. By the end of June, Big Bluefin up to 200 pounds are common!

By the start of July, things are in full swing for the Restless Lady, with the big Billfish moving into the mix in July. White Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Wahoo are hot on the line this time of year and will continue to be through October. Overnight trips will also bring Sharks, Tuna, and Swordfish.

Whether you are an Ocean City local or visiting our resort town on vacation, there is plenty of fun to be had between fishing trips. Our large resort beach town offers a host of activities, places to stay, and locally owned restaurants for dining. Just 2.5 hours from Baltimore, it’s an easy drive to some of the best fishing in the world! Located on Talbot Street in Downtown OCMD, the Restless Lady is conveniently positioned within walking distance from the Boardwalk, Trimper’s Rides, and a large collection of popular bars and restaurants. Next to the Route 50 Bridge, we are also a short walk or car ride to the marinas, restaurants, and shopping in West Ocean City.

If seeing is believing, then see for yourself our success, check out our picture and videos galleries, the pictures don’t lie.

Click to check the availability for your next fishing trip and be on your way to world-class fishing in OCMD aboard the Restless Lady. Got ‘Em On!


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